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Haiku at Work

Following the last theme of Haiku at work,  I sent a group email to those I work with in the NHS Foundation Trust. I asked them to write their own Haiku poetry, about how they feel towards those they help and what does that role and relationship mean to them.

So here are some pieces (in no particular order). Bristling with joy,  some wrapped in laughter, but all committed to service in the lives of people with Learning Disabilities :


Difficult stories;

individual people;

always a blue sky



Beautiful People;

learning disabilities;

laughter all the way



Problem to person;

Learning Disabilities;

Hubbub to power



Meeting Together;

Working through challenges;

recognizing achievements



A meeting of two;

sharing, exploring – with you;

new possibilities



Everything Changes;

Outcomes consistently good;

aims remain the same



Even when it’s tough;

I can always raise a smile;

community bound



Smile, Jump, Shout;

Learning Disabilities;

sing, hop, smile



Often Joyful; can’t complain;

except for getting caught

in the rain



Challenging Stigma;

Aspiring for potential;

Partnership working



When no day is dull;

learning disabilities;

we are here to help



Travel on the bus;

learning disabilities;

to make life better



If love is blind;

my disability sees;

love in all people



Challenging Values;

learning disabilities;

respect and dignity








Sitting all day;

my bottom really hurts;

let me out please



A shared moment;


changing times



I love to bring joy;

to others I meet in my job;

It is very satisfying



Going to work;

in learning disabilities;

the sun shines brightly



Life is never dull;

people are challenging;

reward is good



Fantabulous clients;

frustrating at times;

always a challenge



It was there and;

it is gone – power;

Darenth Park



Spring Rain;

Blackbirds Singing;

Clients run in the park



Difficult Every Day;

Lovely to be with;

and to help



You are my torch;

when the light is dimmed;

all is bright



A challenge it is;

privileged to be part of;

I am exhausted



The 185 Bus;

never ending journey;

my Blackberry Crashes



Blue skies; high mountains;

Learning Disabilities;

clunk click every Trip



Tension, discomfort;

time to go trampolining;

relaxed, comfortable



Off we go to work;

learning disabilities;

smiling eyes, job done



You cannot say it;

turn your head and lift your eyes;

tell me with your smile



When no day is dull;

learning disabilities;

we are here to help



To help a person:

A simple wish borne from care:

Others with full lives


By 67paintings

A dialectical site of poetry, painting and the odd musical excursion into the unknown.

2 replies on “Haiku at Work”

Yes, the responses reaffirmed that sensitive and caring people make a difference. It was transformative to reveal the untapped relationship between haiku and helping,

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