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Taming Dragons

Child: “Dad, I can’t get to sleep. I keep sort of hearing creaking. I’m not really afraid, but I am a bit afraid. I think the noises are coming from over there in the corner.”

Father: (takes a look and returns) “Now my little one, on top of that shelf the elves are building a castle. In the corner by the desk a colony of fairies. All made of light and shadow with bodies that shine like angels. No they don’t have wings like butterflies. They fly with arms like ours.”

Child: “Dad, I’m still afraid.”

Father: “In the fireplace dwarves are digging to the cellar to mine the glitter from coal and forge bows and arrows and swords tinier and finer than needles. That glint on the air like dust. Each one studded with a thousand sparkling jewels.”

Child: “(whispers) I think there’s a dragon up there.”

Father: “On the wardrobe is a dragon, four inches long his scales drink in sunlight. They swivel to catch the rays. So he can fuel the flame he has for a heart. A kind heart. His nest is a mess because he kills moths and spiders. He chases them out of our dream and turns them into stars. Like the ones up there on your ceiling.”

Child: (looking up) “I see them”

Father: “And see that golden giant shell that hangs against your wall, it will take you back to the beach where you found it. A place where faded sea scents and sound beckons you to return to the glistening sea…”

Child: “Hold my hand”

Father: “Hands enclosing hands over a pebble and starfish and seaweeds, mermaids purses, delicate as lace and seahorses who reach out for you, who still move in a dance for you, perfect in poise and grace, who hail you to come close and learn the half forgotten words of the sea’s secret song… listen to the words as the song comes closer… closer still…”

Child: (yawns) “I hear them”

Father: “Hear them and let them, fade back again, back to the sea”

“Follow the song into the sea, let the words of the sea surround you in its song, an endless song”

Child: (eyes closed) “I am”

Father: (dims the light and whispers) “Sleep well, my starry-eyed angel of the sea”.

By 67paintings

A dialectical site of poetry, painting and the odd musical excursion into the unknown.

8 replies on “Taming Dragons”

I love this..I just went to see “How to Tame Your Dragon II, Saturday with my grandchildren…
you have added an extra smile in remembering it Thank you
Take Care…You Matter…

they are interesting tales …I enjoyed them ..
I’m doing okay….my younger sister passed away after many years of
doing battle with her demons…I will write about it I think….my muse seems to be
battling their own demons because of it…
I hope you and yours are doing well in your part of the world…
Take Care…You Matter

I don’t know what to say, perhaps no words can express adequately coming to terms with the death of someone loved. People have tried to comfort me and though well meaning, I was too numbed to receive their entrusted wisdom. I think being held is all that mattered. No words.

So I feel compelled to say to you… write Mary. Write about it, every minute, every hour, every day, with every fibre and breath in you.
Write to open up yourself again, knowing you are not alone..

I had read this post of yours earlier, and that day it brought tears to my eyes… It takes a lifetime to tame our dragons, yes! And at every bend, new dragons wait to pounce. The dragons, their taming… all part of the mosaic we painstaking embroider all thru the days…

With all my love

Absolutely, their are dragon’s poised in hedgerows, under passes, homeless hostels, palaces. We all have them and this leads one to ask, how to live with our internal demons or dragons? Most of us are haunted by an eternal succession of demons and dragons. Most of us spend some time on the run, attempting to escape the modern equivalent of those horrors. Sadly among the homeless are many emotional ‘runners’ — people trying vainly to escape ordinary living. Everyday Taoist practice is about learning to face the dragons and tigers — gently and slowly.

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