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Melancholy Muse

She plays all night
sweet and tangled blues,
deep riffs revealing
a melancholy muse

By 67paintings

A dialectical site of poetry, painting and the odd musical excursion into the unknown.

11 replies on “Melancholy Muse”

I like this Lee….fits the night with the right …and I cannot think of the word I want :)
So know I like it very much and I feel it as well…
Take Care…You Matter…

Not sure why? Perhaps you’d like me to burn onto a disc instead?

This is the first of several pieces where I mic’d up the guitar from the inside of the sound-hole. I hear different acoustic resonance on the inside, a deep percussive quality to the outside. Like its coming from within a cave…. I like that.

Thanks again.

Yes…to be human within compassion is to know know your melancholy muse…..
as I am sitting here drifting..attempting to write my sisters eulogy, I find melancholy muse is here…
It is a beautiful gift you have Lee..your music…your words…

Mary, I offer you my love, strength and compassion at this moment, through the melancholy and ordinary life, in all things that attends to our gentleness, our humanity
My thought are with you.

Melancholy and muses, somewhere in between memories of love and loss, I find that music ‘happens’ unintentionally, it dwells / resonates / reveals itself within me when I am walking by the sea. Actually the notes follow the sea, the solitude, and sunset.

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