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4 replies on “Venice”

Your work here tells me you are in Venice. You know, it is the place of my dreams… my ultimate poetic delight and adventure… I still hope that one day I will visit Venice.

All the more reason for me to cherish your visit.


Do come Meena. You would love it here…. there is of course the majestic St Mark’s and Doges Palace… but for me the quiet back canals, away from the iconic attractions, is where the radiance of light, the quiet romanticism, I felt most at home. Moving with the sun and the tide, this feeling, this painting, steeped in a moment of surrender.

It wasn’t exactly planned, like most things, it was in the back of my mind waiting to materialise. One morning as the storms had broken in Lake Garda we upped sticks and went.

What was planned though was the Accademia galleries and Museo of Vivaldi. We spent hours in the latter becoming lost in a good way….

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