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A Moth to the Flame

May this moment
move onwards,
on its winding way

And these wings
hold well together
in their own time

Wherever they carry
hold constant
at all points, through

This narrowest strip
between blindness
sight and pain,

Hope and despair,
void and air
fire and ashes.

By 67paintings

A dialectical site of poetry, painting and the odd musical excursion into the unknown.

8 replies on “A Moth to the Flame”

Love that you’ve added your vocals, too. =)
I can completely visualise the whole scene…fire is so alluring and irresistible…the flames pull you towards them…..and then the burst of energy from 2:08…… followed by silence and then soft, gentle music, when you get burnt and come back to your senses.
Romancing fire?

Since the break up of the band, I’d not sung, except to my children. And I wasn’t confident even then.
So when the piece needed some vocals, when it was in a demo stage, I asked for collaborators. When nothing came of this, I switched the microphone on and something happened. I discovered that I had a voice, and that it happened to intensify the feeling of the song. It came for a place inside that I’d long ago lost touch with.

I like it that the notes that start at around 4:00 are repeated starting around 4:15. Sounds much better like this than if the piece had ended after playing them once.
It’s a bit hard to explain in writing but hope that makes sense. =)

Thank for listening. I see the music has enveloping / re-occurring themes throughout the whole tracks. The start comes from the attraction which is born of duality.

The flickering flame grows as the moth wings fans the flame. Then begins the ultimate collision as the moth descends upon a point of now return.

Lastly the flame itself resolves the drama by releasing the moth from its frenetic energy, Perhaps a kind of metaphor of a spiritual resting place, some kind of ending to the chaos…

So that’s it. Musically and emotionally, this the place where the moth and flame are one and the same energy.

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