Poetry 'n Prose

Waking Up

Waking up I discover you distinctly here
a soft—focus presence
pervasive though not concentrated in one place
(like the sun through a burning glass making the ground smoke)

but like the sun diffused gently over all my skin
delicate caress on tender eyelid
clutching hot tea stretching
I luxuriate in little moments

the sharp early November wakings
crackling like gift wrap on heart’s—desire parcels
you are beside me
a forgotten bounty – the word largesse
a kind of uncrumpling for a change

I feel magnanimous and unhurried
the static suddenly stops like toothache
something no doubt turned off next door
the clear voice of love goes on singing

Suddenly restored to me
how can something be so peaceful
and yet exciting other stimuli churn up
vexatious mud turbid currents
but still I feel you utterly clear
as over pebbles washed to a heady purity
listen the unanxious way

The rich folds of the gamut let themselves go
like jumping from a height to float
fading down and melt before reaching the rocks
such a free gesture a pure giving away of the self yet
the well renewed by miracle however recklessly given
firming up mobile but substantial

The next wave turning into the next teasing
our slowness—to—grasp such a gentle leg—pull
the permanence of the form the succeeding waves flash
through the steady undertow of the music,
holds us in a soft embrace,

While the loving god pretends to nearly drop us into space
we laugh with his laughing eyes
and the music sparkles around the whole of me
(and will not stop),

when my exhalation meets your inhalation
when the beating of your chest makes mine still
feeling so secure – utterly letting go, utterly found
is how I am when I wake with you.

By 67paintings

A dialectical site of poetry, painting and the odd musical excursion into the unknown.

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