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A Good Day

A good day would it be to sit back and be alone with the sun on your arms and the grass around your ankles

a good day to visit an old friend with a nice garden and sit talking in the sun and shade, admiring the tropical plants and birds

a good day to drink Ceylon tea under the palm trees, surrounded by no cars and plenty of people walking about town

a good day to follow a path up a hill through woods and fields, not knowing where it leads, to walk and sit and walk again and find a fast—flowing river shallow and many—voiced over many—coloured sparkling stones and lie down gasping letting the water roll us gently over

a good day to telephone and write to somebody in love and talk and laugh and eat with them

a good day to think loving thoughts of everybody you love and have ever loved and especially those who would be glad to hear from you now

a good day to take plenty of time over everything but to waste time on nothing

a good day to fight against the constant feeling that you should be doing something else instead of what you are doing, where fighting is not fighting exactly but a holding firm in the face of something that wants to break up inside

a good day to solve an old problem and slay old fearful dragons that have lurked your life long at the back of the mind and roared rampaging to the front of it all too often

a good day to listen at the echoey wells within to the uninterrupted news that forms itself out of the stillness

a good day to allow loss to be whatever it is, in whatever form it takes, no matter how long it takes

a good day to allow tears, for they give beauty to our grief, form to feelings beyond words

a good day to fight poverty, slavery and injustice, over the indifference that dominates our consciousness

a good day to walk alongside others in peace, to reconnect with life, the blood song, we all share

a good day to reconnect with the roots of our selves, our humanity, imperfect and blemished

a good day to begin a new and better life for our children, for everyone’s child

a good day to embrace the air we breathe, to return to this moment now

a good day to be here now, if only for a few minutes

a good day to smile

a good day

to be here

with you

By 67paintings

A dialectical site of poetry, painting and the odd musical excursion into the unknown.

4 replies on “A Good Day”

Thank you for this wonderful piece. It is exactly what I seek today…

A good day to feel the aloneness of circumstance, and still flow down the river of life
A good day to give wings to joy and spread it around…

Stay in peace. Stay well.

There’s an image of Siddharta somewhere behind the poem, and our letters. And still I ask what sorrows and pleasures did he transcend. And what dreams did he have to guide him along the river….

And what of today, we come back full circle in the many blessings of friendship, and a sense of beauty, centred in the words you write, and your kindred spirit of Amrita Pitram. Thank you for all this much and more.

Thanks Rebecca… a good day, to be thankful, for the little things, those moments that fleetingly pass us by, the decisions that go right, when the chances of that are infinitesimally small. :)

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