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A Song for Nepal

This composition started small as a one minute score of condolence to the families of the thousands of people who were killed and injured when an earthquake rocked Nepal on 25 April 2015.

My reaction to this tragedy started with individual shock and disbelief over what had occurred, and the sheer magnitude of the destruction. But this slowly melted into a greater awareness. An awareness of how life is fragile, unreal, and forever changing, sometimes with brutal consequences. Life’s component parts of grain shift like smoke in the wind and somehow emerge as an image with only an illusion of solidity and indestructibility.

However in times of crises we are not only reminded of the inherent emptiness of our existence but also that we exist inter-dependently. By that understanding we must join together, connecting at a deeper level, beyond us and them, to be of real help and support to those who are suffering. Therefore the track’s vocal part is calling to that deeper level we must go when faced with human anguish. Rather than running from pain and despair we must find a voice for it and together attune our own voices to that song.

By 67paintings

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2 replies on “A Song for Nepal”

The music is beautiful and haunting, and the notes linger on long after the piece ends. It’s difficult to put my thoughts together on this tragedy, as there is a lot that I would like to say, but cannot quite find the right words to express myself.

Every casualty is a tragedy, and so many families have not only lost their loved ones, but almost everything they had and lived for. One never quite recovers from such tragedies, but with time and support, is able to move ahead in life. I saw the devastating effects of an earthquake of this scale first hand when I lived in the hills in India. I still remember the sky turning red, almost like an omen for the destructive events that were about to transpire and change many lives permanently.

People lost their families, houses, and sources of livelihood in seconds. The impact was such that I have clear memories of the event despite being very young at that time.
I just read what you wrote about the music and agree that through music you can reach out to people beyond all boundaries.

In this piece, you have captured elements of the undying human spirit, hope and enduring strength. Your words and musical notes are intertwined, complementing one another.

Apologies for the essay. What I really wanted to say is actually at the end of the comment….. that ‘A song for Nepal’ is a song about the undying human spirit, hope and enduring strength.

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