Poetry 'n Prose


The calendar reminds me
of the years, days, seconds
all this while
listening to my own uncertainties,

fading jangling hypnotic
cacophony out,
lifting the other channel, if I may
on your sonorous voice

breathing mystery into the depth
of longing
that had no belonging
before I belonged to you

By 67paintings

A dialectical site of poetry, painting and the odd musical excursion into the unknown.

5 replies on “Anniversary”

“breathing mystery into the depth
of longing
that had no belonging
before I belonged to you”

what haunting words that seem to echo….
I like this, Thank you for sharing

Take Care…always….You Matter

And what is belonging? And too whom? Some days I long for something more, to be more alive and more loving, and some days i feel my feet in the sand and that is enough for me. Maybe this shared?

I think the soul will always be drawn to another…the spirit within that breathes may be too broken? or perhaps leary of being of being hurt or left alone…
I know the feeling of sand in the feet being complacent, yet the wanting to be more alive in the living…yes I know it very well
this is a thought provoking post you have shared you know :)

circumstances in the mundane life keep me where I am, yet I know as I wander in the contentment of being here… I know there is more for me to discover…I have learned the lesson of patience, that all happens within a timelessness I haven’t open the door to yet …that was a very long lesson :) (and I am still in the process, though I think I have passed the test though)

all in all I share these thoughts of yours…. a mystery to unravel :)
Hope you had a wonderful New Year with intentions set ( I don’t do resolutions,that seems to always have a backdoor to escape, intentions set seem to be a way to wander forward in this passage of moments I am in….)

Take Care …You Matter Lee

still thinking :)
what is belonging? to feel connected to someone besides our own selves or our own thoughts…sharing with another is a natural energy I think…we come here in this moment to be student and teacher…so the need to share thoughts we need that “other” to complete the balance of being both…
as for, whom do we belong to? God? Goddess? the Divine? and I believe we are meant to share thoughts, and ourselves…the spirit within each of us needs to heal for us to fulfill us to feel connected to something besides the sand, even though the sound of the waves would lull us in to being content where we are … the soul waits patiently for us to find our purpose again each time our spirit pauses….or our being human takes a tumble….

okay, I have rambled on too long I think :)
I wish you a moment to pause and breathe in your souls whispers Lee

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