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The Constant Gardener


If I am honest gardening is one of my least proficient skills. But I want to start again, where I left off as a child, becoming lost in myself to the garden. By this I mean I remember how I used to look at the garden then in a way that I forget myself. There is no self in meditation and there is no self involved in gardening. This being is the true communion of nature. Nature will always be the first and last love of life.


In the middle of the front garden is the monument of time, the Monkey Puzzle tree. A tree native of South America but resides here and now in Southern Ireland. It is said that it lives for a 1000 years and this is my longing for this tree, to live long past my years, to be loved for generations to come after me. It give a true perspective of nature’s perennial philosophy. Survival.


And in the back garden the vegetable plots lies waiting for the season to come, the new seeds of life that will wait patiently in the ground for the conditions to be right. It is here that my children will continue to grow the fruits of our labour. Every new leaf will shadow over my ecstatic wrinkled hands, toiling for a generous crop. And nature gives generously. Nature will teach me to be the constant gardener.

By 67paintings

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8 replies on “The Constant Gardener”

and of course roses ? :)
I once had a Monkey Puzzle tree, I loved it and mourned it when a person broke it off and tossed it aside without thought that it could have continued to live…
yours is beautiful…
I have been digging in dirt as long as I can remember,I worked at the botanical gardens for many years, and owned a nursery….
as I sit here at my mom’s I am going over in my head and on paper the plotting out of my gardens, I decided I have to garden here, it is like breathing
and I think it will be good for my mom….digging in the soil is a way to let go of anger..of hurt, I was a Master Garden for years putting in school gardens teaching kids tomatoes do not just come from the store…they were always so excited to eat one of the vine :)
from seed to harvest and then the care of soil itself, I hope what I taught stays with them

yours will be beautiful…I feel it….I believe garden is part of the souls journey, as with music we become part of it ….
you have a beautiful garden…I wish you an abundance of joy digging in the dirt….
okay rambling about gardening is in my DNA :) I feel like I should send you some seeds… LOLs… ( next will be a compost bin and a greenhouse, )
Beautiful Lee…just as you and your soul is
Take Care…You Matter

The monkey puzzle tree looks like it is holding out a dozen hands!
The home looks lovely :)

Roses have a hardy quality that gives resilience to our lives. I once found a vine growing from a piece of bark. I planted the bark before my child was born and it rewards us every year with a full bloom. It makes for hope, if from bark this can come what then of rich soil.
And whenever I am tending to this beautiful plant I’m thinking off how we need to prune ourselves in the process. You related to letting of anger and hurt. Painful as it is, if we cut back at the right time and in the right place then healing is possible and we may even find that renewal can follow. Only nurturing the right conditions can things grow, from the small things.
I know people who talk to plants, if that’s not the best form of counselling available, then I don’t know what is. I pay notice the way it changes the feeling of being stuck with old problems. Sometimes there is no answer to our problems, but to grow out of them. Gardening, when done mindfully teaches strength and patience. This approach what was to become my own recovery with depression. Finding good light, plants places us in the right position for recovery without realising it. And this monkey puzzle tree is the same, I feel this the more I look at it, it reflects the light back to us to be one with ourselves and all things. Only then we are free.
I wish you light in your gardening, keep the soil between your fingers. Stay happy.

Looks terribly neat compared to my plot. Look forward to seeing what becomes of the veg patch.

Have super fun, plant stuff that you will eat. I mix flowers with fruit and veg and have a constant supply of wonderful produce. I’m happy to help with advice if you like.

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