I see in you

For Edward in response to his poem ‘Please do not hurt me’.

O’ child there’s a cluster of stars that will guide your way

Long after the cruel machinations of this world has gone

Where the mind of love will protect you, through the pain of loss

Don’t be afraid, feel this hand of trust, this implicit knowing

Know there is a river of time, of life for those who follow,

this same cluster of stars I see in you.

Star Clusters


3 Replies to “I see in you”

  1. Beautifully befitting reply, my friend

    “… this cluster of stars that gently nudges joys towards our unsteady boat regardless of storms and leaky winds… “

  2. We teach our children to place their little hands trustfully in the stream of starlight – for they belong to stars. I’m certain they learn from you all this and more, even without finding out they are learning

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