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Neither Perfect Nor Complete

There’s an idea in Japanese culture which suggests that true beauty can only be achieved through imperfection, as its opposite is unattainable.

It is time to tidy up your life !
into your body has leaked this message,

No conscious actions, no broodings
Have brought the thought upon you.

It is time to take into account
What has gone and what has replaced it.

Living your life according to no plan.
The decisions are numerous and
The ways to go are one

You stand between trees this evening;
The cigarette in your cupped hand
Glows like a flower.

The drizzle falling seems
To wash away all ambition.

There are scattered through your life
Too many dreams to entirely gather

Through the soaked leaves, the soaked grass,
The earth-scents and distant noises

This one thought is re-occurring:
lt is time to take into account what has gone,

To cherish and replace it.
You learnt early enough that celebrations
Do not last forever.

So what use now the sorrows that mount up?
For love, is both present and gone
Neither perfect nor complete.

By 67paintings

A dialectical site of poetry, painting and the odd musical excursion into the unknown.

2 replies on “Neither Perfect Nor Complete”

What a profound thought!
My answering thought: Why should love be complete? Our journey through life is about ‘completing’ love – transforming our hearts and minds, braiding our feelings for one with thoughts for all of humanity, shielding our minds from ugliness of all kinds… helping us rise through layers of the earth closer towards a ‘God’ we have trust and faith in…
Love is, loving is, the mindful and endless road through lives and lives…

I can imagine your feelings as you write this precious and elegant elegy to love, not complete, not perfect.

Stay blessed, stay happy and healthy.

Loving is the mindful road. I know some lovers who seek completion in each other, but that never been my experience. So I guess the closest kind of intimacy is sharing our incompleteness, our imperfections. That’s where the love begins! Accepting others without conditions…

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