On Days Like These (An Old Poem Updated)

I see lovers walking
Hand in hand
I see children playing in parks
I see elephants at the zoo
Hosing each other down

I see sexy fat men without shirts buying shorts
I see nuns smiling with mobile phones
I see old people on benches sliding palms over each others thighs

I see laundry laughing on clothes lines
waiting to be ironed
I see weeds refusing to be judged
no matter how hard
they are pulled at the roots

I see birds ignoring pecking orders
And marching to the front of queues demanding
And winning acceptance of their aspirations

I see defenceless long unpaid unemployed fighting back the tears and blows of austerity
whilst austerity refuses to start at the top

I see ever resilient scientists developing
a new polymer protective covering
as the ozone layer dissappears…
once and for all

I see a United Nations with short term memories calling progress
on the road map to peace,
whilst the unarmed are slaughtered by authorised security services

I see presidents without fear, fight back on fake news
as war planes, gunships and drones,
commence more retaliatory strikes against
the axes of evil.

I see orphaned babies who had forgotten how to cry learning at least how to smile
hoping somewhen someone will love them enough
To make again the tears flow.

I see changes coming like feathers in the wind
I see hell in a hand carts all lined up in shopping isles.
I see optimism and hope diminishing like the icecaps into the sea
I see me and my shoelaces are still undone.


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