Starkness, the moment that holds all

Now he is living starkness, the moment that holds all that’s perceivable to sense
and more-than—senses (meditation? prayers?)
in concentration, pure, refined, intense.
Now abstracts (from potential) abstract layers
to concretize them in self-evidence, for instance, in what happens to the hairs, with arms, and skin—pores, when coincidence

shivers the frame and radiant fullness flares,
or when a sound sparks a resonance,thrilling and chilling, from the gentlest airs.

Now’s curious landscape (flat, steep, deep, thin, dense)
subsumes all borders and contains all hopes in innocence and in obedience, contraries coexisting unawares.

Now he is living starkness, in gratitude of the present where nothing 

and everything has changed.

Tree of passion

Buddha tree
Tilopa tree
zen tree
tantric tree
Kali’s tree

trees of passion
language tree
speaking names
telling stories

depthless tree
deathless tree
tree of comrades
of airs we breathe

dancing on water
cupping clouds
emptiness in form
form in emptiness

immortal tree
human rainbows

come near
see them blossoming!

blossoming now!

Tree of dreams

Tree of dreams
and visitations
leaved with hair
of fallen heroes

snake wreathed
giant guarded
threaded with voices
and children’s laughter

against the morning
a scented trellis
spanning noon

blue crowned
tree of earth
water fire
of air of airs

light ship
dusky barge
sailing on
wind seasoned

around year ends
and back again
clay moored

soil harboured tree
prow lapped
by heaven’s tides
sun cradle

moon basket
cloud blanketed
cask of stars
rocking meteors

shaking planets
ploughing galaxies
on long oars
world hammering

sky raking
word breaking
rocksplitting tree

wrist of boughs
tower of strength
pivot fulcrum
axial roof tree

ever turning
clawed through crust
on cliff and crag
pointed dactyl

spark igniting
flame hurling
quill clutched
in a stone fist

day’s page
in green and gold leaf
chiselling plaques

in night’s crypt
with serifs inked
kindling speech
of origins

to sing darkness’s
molten core
of ice moss and coal.

Tree of life

Tree of life
planted in my core
spreading growing
many branched

tree of songs
flame tree
rooted in life
breath blown

bone fibred body
tree in a seed
full throated

thousand tongued
thick skinned
creaking tree
enduring thunder

wind eroded
snow bound
under storm clouds
budding slow

through despair
thrusting hopes
of high skies
cirrus strewn

milky ways
and birds returning
wakening sleep laden
circled in memories

close grained
and summerwood.

Tree of madness

Tree of madness
tree of angst
set with thorns
sweating blood

pain tree though
showering ghosts
shedding loss

Overshadowed tree
insect gnawed
rot infected
lightning blasted

around whose roots
the serpent coils
around whose branches
flits the white bird

buried in heaven
to flower through veins
arteries nerves
capillary tree

in infinite skies
descending up
and ascending down
rod of aeons

on the high mountain
moss and lichen
mould gathering

where the spider weaves
and the rocks nest
and the bat flitters
and the kestrel waits.

Tree of time

Tree of time
revolving burning
prising open
history’s lips

drilling its jaws
to spit pips
needle twigs
and wiry shoots

earthed in its seams
and blood routes
ore flowers
on brittle stems

magnetic amber
resolving mysteries
and diadems.

Electric tree
lightning conductor
fuelling years
with quiet breath

tree of creation
tree of destruction
temple planted
worming woody

fibres through
eye socket
and mandible.

World tree
scroll keeping
cave covered
by sky mountain

joy tent pitched
in wilderness
dome whispering
aspire trembling

gargoyle gnarled
buttress of hills
glory cone
mist piercing

latticed steeple
nesting angels
fan vaulted.

Echoing tree
runged ladder
for the soul’s fingers
valved throat

winged glottis
ringing singing
rib cage tree

forest airs
coral tree
perpetually blazing