Big and strong

We broke bread on the mountain

as sheep held communion

knowing our silences


We heard birdsong

kissing the air as you smiled,

sweeping aside failed attempts


trying to be big

and strong but the lingering

imprint of remains on my mind


Open Heart Procedures

as the man on his back

and larynx intubated

they cracked open his chest

there red and ragged

was it oddly beautiful

like an exploded star

like the heart of an idea

bursting into existence


Circumstances always

repeat themselves

to break this cycle

if it is ever possible,

takes generations

perhaps hundreds of years

sometimes the continuous presence

of a common enemy.

Those who expect it

in the short term

display the usual disregard for,

or ignorance of, history.


How To Handle Longing

Choose a purpose

(any will do,

’cause the ocean is vast

and longing can fill

that a dozen times over)


Get on with it

(stop sinking

and start swimming;

’cause indecision is not

a legitimate reason

for drowning)

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